Helpful Links

Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Created by the specialty’s educational committee to provide students with tools to help them succeed at the clerkship in Ob/Gyn.

Health Education Assets Library
Central site for many multimedia programs, some with voice and thousands of images for medical student education in the basic sciences and clinical areas.

National Library of Medicine
National Library of Medicine has Medline Plus, which is English and Spanish language patient information, including animation and voice.

University of Massachusetts
Free program from the University of Massachusetts to teach neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. Open to the public.

Medical Education Online
An American online medical education journal. Once in the site, click on resources for multimedia educational programs.

College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University
A medical school with a number of online curricula, including how to use the Internet for medical education.

Epocrates Online
U.S. drug reference with excellent drug interaction feature.Includes major medical news of clinical importance. Updated weekly. Try it free for one month, then subscribe for a fee.

New England Journal of Medicine
Continuing medical education based on New England Journal of Medicine articles.

OB Wheel
OB Wheel includes calculators for: gestational age (based on EDC, LMP, and US), Bishop Score, and helps you determine when a patient will reach a goal age. Now it is available for Pocket PC.

PDA Buyer’s Guides

Decide which PDA to buy:

PalmOS: Runs on devices made by companies such as Palm and Handspring. Advantages: small, lightweight, comfortable to carry, less expensive, lots of medical software, long battery life. Disadvantages: Does not easily merge with all Microsoft desktop applications. Is losing market share, and medical applications may not be as plentiful and well supported in the future.

Pocket PC: (Being discontinued and replaced by Mobile 5) Runs on devices made by Hewlett Packard, Compaq and Casio. Advantages: Larger with bright colored screens, so easier to see; coordinates very well with Windows functions. Disadvantages: More costly, larger size makes them less comfortable to carry around, less medical softward available, but quickly catching up with PalmOS devices.

Mobile 5: Will be used to combine cell phones and PDA.

Medical Programs for Use on Your PDA

Handango The leader in medical software
EctopicBrain Great source for medical PDA information software, news
ZD Net Software & hardware reviews, comparison buying & more

Drug Databases for PDAs

Epocrates Drug Database
Several products with a variety of features in various price ranges.

PDA Resources

Medical Student PDA Cafe

Text-Like Applications

InfoRetriever: ($249/year)
HanDBase: Database application; download free applets or write your own; On-Call ($30)
UpToDate: Full data base of Web version, free with subscription ($400-$500) (Diagnostic information may be useful for residents in specialties where they are in and out of OR and do not have easy access to desktop computers.)
Skyscape: Five-minute clinical consult, FerriGuide, etc. Abridged Textbooks (part of Eposcrates Essential)

Electronic Medical Records

Patient Tracker: (Intuitive, free; desktop $300)
PatientKeeper (Biggest $35-$40); Enterprise Option
Handbase Patient Tracker Applet (Free)