Meditation & Lactation Space on the Medical Campus

Meditation & Lactation Rooms

Goldman School of Dental Medicine 635 Albany Street

  • 2nd Floor, Room 226
  • 7th Floor,  Rm 726

    Talbot Building   715 Albany Street

    • 5th Floor, Room 523 West

    Crosstown Building   801 Albany Street

    • 4th Floor, Suite 431, Room 447.

    Yawkey  Building   850 Harrison Ave

    • 5th floor, room 5D-45
    • available to all faculty, staff, residents & students
    • ID Card Access required provided by ID Office

    Meditation Only

    Menino Pavilion   840 Harrison Avenue

    • Interfaith chapel available for meditation and prayer located in the Menino Pavilion lobby

    Lactation Only

    Evans Building   75 East Newton Street

    Lactation Space at Boston Medical Center