Robert M. Joseph, PhD

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72 East Concord Street
Boston, Mass 02118
Phone: 617-414-1311
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I received my PhD degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Boston MA.


In graduate school, I trained in child clinical psychology and neuropsychology and also in developmental and experimental psychology.  Since completing my post-doctoral fellowship in pediatric neuropsychology, I’ve worked primarily in neurobehavioral and neurocognitive research, with a primary focus on childhood autism.  I have served as Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator on numerous NIH research projects that have investigated the neurocognitive bases of autism spectrum disorder. In my recent research, I have used multi-modal methods, including computerized behavioral tests, eye tracking, psychophysiological measures, and functional magnetic neuroimaging, to examine atypicalities in social attention and perception in children and young adults with autism.  I have authored numerous peer-reviewed articles reporting the results of this research as well as research studies on typically developing children. I have been a faculty member of the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology since 2001.  I have also been a licensed clinical psychologist since 1997.

Clinical Interests

My clinical interests are mostly related to the diagnosis and assessment of autism spectrum conditions. These include early diagnosis of children at risk for autism; diagnosis and assessment of nonverbal individuals with autism; differential diagnosis of autism and related neurobehavioral disorders; and behavioral therapies that enhance adaptive social and occupational functioning in adolescents and adults with autism.  More generally, I am interested in assessment and remediation of all childhood social, emotional, and behavioral disorders as well in neuropsychological testing and educational remediation for children with learning difficulties.