Practicum and Capstone Guidelines


Each student in the Masters in Health Professions Education program will be required to complete a Practicum.  The Practicum will be performed under the guidance of a faculty mentor and overseen by the Practicum Director.  The Practicum format is variable and will depend on the student’s professional goals, the specific skills they aim to develop and the faculty mentor’s expertise.

The Practicum is designed to help students gain skills in development, implementation and assessment of curriculum, research, and oral & written communication skills.   The Practicum should assist the student in gaining hands-on skills based on concepts and theories taught in the classroom.  Practicum topics are broadly based on three general areas:  (i) Teaching-based, (ii) Curriculum-based or (iii) Research-based projects.  The Practicum agreement should be a minimum of 150 hours and must conclude with a formal Capstone paper. The final Capstone must be approved by the Practicum mentor and the Capstone Director.

To begin your Practicum please complete the

Practicum Approval Form

For more detail  see the Capstone Practicum Details

Practicum / Capstone

The Practicum is a culminating experience where the student prepares a final report describing, evaluating and reflecting on the Practicum experience and outcomes thereby demonstrating a deep understanding of the chosen topic and how it impacts the larger community. The Practicum report should include the following sections:

  • Introduction and Literature Review
  • Rationale and Justification for the Study
  • Methods and Results (as applicable)
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions based on contribution to the greater educational community
  • Self-Reflection on Practicum experience
  • Resume / curriculum vitae

The final scholarly work can then be utilized as part of a Teaching Portfolio.