Graduate Testimonials

Our students are our best advocates. Beyond just offering strong academics and strict requirements, this program produces alumni who remain as enthusiastic about the program on graduation as they were on the day they began.

Read comments from a representative group of alumni regarding the positions that they hold and what the program has meant to them:

Simon Chernack, MS-HEM ‘11
Environmental Health and Safety Department
Department of Emergency Management
Cook Children’s Medical Center
Fort Worth, Texas

David Krikorian, MS-HEM ’12
Emergency Management and Homeland Security Instructor
University of Alaska – Fairbanks
Fairbanks, Alaska

Laura Harwood, MS-HEM ’10
Program Coordinator
Office of Emergency Management
Stanford University

Jeremiah Kunze, MS-HEM ’11
Public Health Preparedness Manager
Santa Clara County Public Health Dept.
Santa Clara County, CA

JJ Burke, MS-HEM ’11
Deputy Chief
Sandwich Fire Department
Operations Section Chief
Barnstable County Incident Management Team

Marwan Alkaabi, MD
“The conference was a regional crisis and emergency management conference, held in Abu Dhabi between the 11th and 13th of January. The program included speeches, workshops and gala dinners. It was a great opportunity to meet experts in the field from around the world. While networking with speakers and attendees, I had the chance to speak to them about our program and many showed interest and took details of the program and persons of contacts.”