Alumni Spotlights

To date, more than 75 students have graduated from this program. Our graduates have excelled at their course work and have produced impressive research projects.

Several alumni have presented their research at professional association meetings, including the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Many are in the process of applying to PhD programs in Anthropology and Anatomy and several are applying to the FBI Academy, State Police Academies and other Federal Law Enforcement and Government Agencies. In addition, 11 students have been accepted into PhD programs, 3 students have started medical school and 4 students have been accepted to Law School.

Alumni Spotlight

Corey Pollock (GMS FA 2017) – Crime Scene Technician at Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Department, Charlotte, North Carolina.

“I am a Crime Scene Investigator with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I have been with the department for two years and respond to a large variety of crime scenes (ranging from car and house break-ins to homicides and death investigations). I respond to crime scenes to take detailed photographs and collect physical evidence relevant to the investigation.  This can also include processing a scene for latent fingerprints or DNA, which can place a suspect or victim at a location or handling a specific evidence item. Many cases result in a trial, where we are often subpoenaed as an expert witness. I have been subpoenaed and testified to multiple cases so far, including cases where I lifted fingerprints on scenes that were linked to a suspect, cases where I collected touch DNA that was linked to a suspect, and a case where I utilized an alternate light source to take detailed photographs of possible injuries.”

Jennifer Kroll (GMS FA 2018) – Jennifer is working as an Assistant at the Massachusetts Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

Megan Gough (GMS FA 2017) – Megan is employed as a Secretary for Regional Security Office (RSO) at U.S. Consulate General Naples in Italy.

Nicollette Appel (GMS FA 2017) –  Forensic Scientist Trainee at Nassau County Office of the Medical Examiner, East Meadow, NY.

Claira Ralston (GMS FA 2017) –  PhD Graduate Student/Teaching Assistant at University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

Annette Rodriguez – (GMS FA 2015) –  Law Student and Social Justice Fellow at the University of Akron School of Law, Akron, OH.

Graduates Accepted to PhD Programs

Christopher Eck (GMS, 2017) University of South Florida.

Jacqueline Berger (GMS, 2017) University of South Florida.

Claira Ralston (GMS FA 2017) –  University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

Donovan Adams (GMS, 2015) University of Reno

Karen St. George (GMS, 2015) Boston University School of Medicine

Brianne Charles (GMS, 2014) University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Emily Peschel (GMS, 2014) University of Calgary

Tyler Dunn (GMS, 2014) University of Illinois-Urbana

Alexandria Wink (GMS, 2012) Boston University School of Medicine

Sara Arias (GMS, 2012) University of South Florida

Sandra Koch (GMS, 2012), Pennsylvania State University

Sarah Peacock (GMS, 2011) University of Missouri