Anatomical Gift Donation

Lee Farris has worked for the Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology in the Anatomical Gift Program since 2006. Along with her current responsibilities as the Assistant Anatomical Gift Coordinator, she has taken on the role of the Forensic Anthropology Gift Administrator and is available for contact with any questions regarding the Boston University Donated Osteological Collection and its donation process. Lee has a BA in Classical Studies and Archaeology from Tufts University and an AS in Mortuary Science from the New England Institute at Mount Ida College. She is a Massachusetts licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer and has worked in both private funeral homes and Boston Children’s Hospital as a Pathology Assistant and Morgue Manager.

Working under the Program in Forensic Anthropology, the Boston University Donated Osteological Collection began registering and accepting donors in early 2014. The skeletal collection will be maintained on the Boston University Medical campus and used primarily to educate students enrolled in the Forensic Anthropology Masters Degree Program.  However, the skeletal collection will be an invaluable tool for students in many disciplines and law enforcement alike.  A Boston University Donated Osteological Collection donor will aid in the learning of students for years to come.

Although pre-registration is welcomed, it is not required. Unlike many other donation programs, the Boston University Donated Osteological Collection is able to accept an after death donation made by the deceased’s legal Next of Kin.  Many families become aware of their loved one’s desire to make an Anatomical donation after they have passed making the possibility of donation more difficult.  Upon contacting Lee Farris at the time of death to determine if a donation can be made, a BU contracted funeral home will transfer the donor to the medical school. Transportation fees within a 250 mile radius of the medical school and the cost of cremation will be covered at the expense of the Forensic Anthropology program, however other fees may exist.  When the cremation of the soft tissue has taken place, the cremains will be returned to a designated family member.

Please contact Lee Farris to request the registration packet to become a Boston University Donated Osteological Donor, or if you have any additional questions regarding the program.

Lee Farris