Training Grant Programs


Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Medical Center currently hold 20 NIH institutional training grants that together support the research projects of over 60 predoctoral and 60 postdoctoral trainees. Individual programs bring together expert faculty mentors from different schools and departments, creating an interdisciplinary training environment and excellent opportunities for team-based science. The 4 training programs at the BU Charles River Campus bring the total number of NIH-funded institutional research training programs at BU to 24. Follow the links in the table below for more information on each training grant program.

Training grant program
Funder Director(s) Trainee level BU location
Biology of the Lung: A Multidisciplinary Program T32 NHLBI David Center & Joseph Mizgerd predoc & postdoc BUSM
Environmental Epidemiology in Community Settings T32 NIEHS Michael McClean predoc BUSM
Immunobiology of Trauma T32 NIGMS Daniel Remick postdoc BUSM
Integrated Care for Addiction, HIV and HCV Research and Education T32 NIDA Mari-Lynn Drainoni & Michael Stein predoc BUSM
Interdisciplinary Training for Biostatisticians T32 NIGMS Laura Forsberg White predoc BUSM
Multidisciplinary Training in Cardiovascular Research T32 NHLBI Naomi Hamburg & Richard Wainford postdoc BUSM
Multidisciplinary Training Program in Cardiovascular Epidemiology T32 NHLBI Vasan Ramachandran postdoc BUSM
Postdoctoral Training Program in Stress and Trauma T32 NIMH Terence Keane postdoc BUSM
Research Training in Blood Diseases and Resources T32 NHLBI Martin Steinberg & Adam Lerner predoc & postdoc BUSM
Research Training in Immunology T32 NIAID Thomas Kepler predoc BUSM
Rheumatology Training Grant T32 NIAMS David Felson postdoc BUSM
Training in Biomolecular Pharmacology T32 NIGMS David Farb predoc BUSM
Training Program in Cardiovascular Biology: Pre-Doctoral T32 NHLBI Katya Ravid predoc BUSM
BU CTSI: Regenerative Medicine Training Program TL1 NCATS Darrell Kotton predoc & postdoc BUSM
BU CTSI: Mentored Career Development KL2 NCATS David Felson postdoc BUSM
Boston University Medical Campus-Massachusetts General Hospital Global Psychiatric Clinical Research Training Program T32 NIMH David Henderson & Gregory Fricchione postdoc BMC
BU Clinical HIV/AIDS Research Training Program T32 NIAID Benjamin Linas postdoc BMC
Metabolism, Endocrinology and Obesity Training Grant T32 NIDDK Konstantin Kandror predoc & postdoc BMC
Research Training in Nephrology T32 NIDDK Ian Rifkin postdoc BMC
Training in Health Services Research for Vulnerable Populations T32 AHRQ Megan Bair-Merritt predoc & postdoc BMC
Advanced Research Training in Communication Sciences and Disorders T32 NIDCD Christopher Moore predoc CRC
Predoctoral Training in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology T32 NIGMS Gary Benson predoc CRC
Training Program in Quantitative Biology and Physiology T32 NIGMS John White predoc CRC
Translational Research in Biomaterials T32 NIBIB Mark Grinstaff predoc CRC