FAQ: Oral Health Sciences

For general questtions regarding GMS admissions requirements please see the Admissions FAQs.

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I cannot find MS in Oral Health Sciences on the Application.  What am I doing wrong?

The MS in Oral Health Sciences was just approved in February for Fall 2013  so it is not available on the online application tool.

Please choose MA programs, then  Medical Sciences, then  Oral Health Sciences track.  You will then be applying to the MS in Oral Health Sciences program.


Can international students apply to the OHS program?

No. We do not accept applications from international students. International applicants should take the GRE and apply to the main MA in Medical Sciences program.

Are there any prerequisite courses?

Yes. To be eligible for the Oral Health Sciences program you must have taken all the pre-requirements with laboratories for dental school including college level General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

Do I need to interview?

No we do not interview our applicant.

What is the deadline for the M.S. in  Oral Health Sciences Program and when does the OHS program begin to review applications?

Completed applications should be received by May 15th for the fall semester.  We make admissions decisions on a rolling basis starting in December.  There is no spring enrollment offered.

How long will it take to review my application?

Due the high number of applications and the attention we give to each one, most decisions are made within three months of when the application is deemed complete.  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis starting in December upon receipt of all required credentials (letters, official transcripts, DAT, resume/cv and Personal Statement) and  the application fee.

How many students are accepted into the Oral Health Sciences program?

We accept 15-20 new students each academic year.

Can I apply to both the Oral Health programs and the general MA in Medical Sciences  program?

Applicants applying to the Oral Health Sciences  program  who wish to also apply to the general  MAMS program do NOT need to submit a second application.   Please indicate your interest in MAMS as a second program choice under Question 1  “Please explain why you have chosen Boston University for your graduate studies and why this program in particular”. Students must however, submit both the DAT’s (for OHS) and GRE’s (for MAMS) to be considered by both programs.

I have applied to BUGSDM.  Can my AADSAS application with test scores, transcripts and letters of recommendation be used for OHS admission?

No. Students who have previously applied to Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine must resubmit their DAT score and letters of recommendation to GMS.  Since OHS is based out of the Medical School we do not have access to Dental School Admissions.

You do not need to forward us a copy of your official transcript.  An unofficial transcript from each institution attended, uploaded with your application, is sufficient for the application review.  If you are accepted and choose to enroll in the program you will need to provide GMS with an official transcript from each institution attended.

Does your program offer tours to applicants that would like to come and visit the school?

At this time, the Oral Health Science program does not offer official tours to applicants. Take a look at our campus location and explore the area through Student Life. You are welcome to contact Ms. Natasha Hall in the Admissions Office or Dr. Theresa Davies to set up an informal meeting and/or tour with a current student. We encourage you to attend an upcoming Webinar to learn more about the program.

My unofficial transcripts, AADSAS application or other supporting documents are too large to upload with the application – what should I do?

Since the online application tool has a limit on upload size  you may email large PDF files directly to Ms. Natasha Hall (tashah@bu.edu)  1 week AFTER you submit your application online. This way the PDF can be added directly to your application.  Please don’t send it  before you have submitted.



How many letters of recommendation are required for the OHS program and can I submit more recommendations than are required?

We require three letters of recommendation for admission to the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences. One committee letter or a letter packet sent from your undergraduate or post-baccalaureate institution may be substituted for the three letters.  One of the submitted letters must be written by a science professor. You may send more than three individual letters if appropriate.

Will you accept letters of recommendations mailed from my university’s career center or letter service?

Yes, we do accept letters of recommendations as a letter packet/committee letter from your university or college career services  by hard copy (mail) or online.  When completing your online application please indicate “committee letter”  for all  3 recommenders.

(1) If submitting letter packet online  check  “paper submission” for 2 letters and “online” submission for the 3rd recommender whom will upload the committee letter. Provide the email address of the person who will be uploading your letter packet.

(ii) If submitting hard copy, please check “paper submission” for all 3 recommenders  on the online application and have your pre-professional advising office mail the packet to our office .

I have already applied to dental school, can I send the same letters to the Oral Health Sciences program?

Yes.  You can have your recommendations written for dental schools sent to the Admissions office from your university or college pre-professional advising office.  A committee letter (see above) is acceptable or you may submit three individual letters.  Letters can also be sent by Interfolio or uploaded to GEMS application service.

Students who have previously applied to Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine must resubmit their letters to the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences.  (OHS is based out of the Medical School so we do not have access to Dental School Admissions Data.)

Do you have directions for how to both upload online and mail in paper recommendations?

To submit individual letter electronically

  • List each recommender’s  name and email;  indicate online submission
  • Recommenders will receive email invitation to submit

To submit individual letter by mail

  • List recommender’s name;  indicate paper submission
  • Recommenders  should mail letter to our office

To submit committee letter electronically

  • List the name and email of the pre-professional advisor  submitting the committee letter for recommendation #1 ;  indicate electronic submission.
  • Write committee letter in the name space  for recommender s # 2 and #3; indicate paper submission

To submit a committee letter by mail

  • List the name  of the pre-professional advisor  submitting the committee letter for recommendation #1 ; indicate paper submission
  • Write committee letter in the name space  for recommender s # 2 and #3; indicate paper submission
  • Pre-professional office should mail the  committee letter to our  office.


Do I need to take the DAT exam?

Yes. All applicants – with no exceptions – must take the DAT.

How long are DAT scores valid ?

DAT scores are valid for three years.

What is the average GPA and DAT score required for admission?

We accept students with a range of scores.   A DAT score of 18  or a GPA of 2.9 or lower is usually not seen as competitive for this program. The average DAT score and GPA for the current class is 19.5 and 3.05, respectively. Scores lower than those listed above are reviewed on a case by case basis.

Where should I indicate a future DAT date?

The application does not have a defined spot to include a future test date.  Please upload an additional document that states you plan on taking the DATs on “FUTURE DATE”.  We will then make a note in your file and wait for your test scores before a final decision is made on your application.


Do Oral Health Science students take courses with the Dental school students?

Yes. Some courses, like Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Physiology, are taken with current first year BU Dental students. Other courses, such as Prevention and Oral Health Promotion in Dentistry are taught by dental school faculty.

Are students assigned an advisor?

Yes. Once an applicant has matriculated into the school, they will be assigned a Faculty Advisor who will mentor them throughout the program.

Can I complete the MS in Oral Health Sciences Program in 12 months?

Yes, the program requires enrollment in four semesters and can be completed in 12 months by utilizing the two summer semesters. Students planning to matriculate to dental school immediately following program completion should submit their AADSAS  application PRIOR to beginning the OHS program.  Some students do choose to complete a laboratory based thesis and complete the program in 2 years. The total cost of tuition is the same for both the 12 month and two year path.


Should I apply to dental school prior to applying to the OHS program?

Applicants should consult with their pre-professional office regarding the decision to apply to dental school in the summer prior to entering the program.  Students who have applied to dental school should consult with Dr. Davies early in the fall semester so that our office can best support their dental school applications. Students who are uncertain about WHEN to apply should speak to Dr. Davies as soon as they matriculate to the program.

Who can applicants speak with regarding the Dental School requirements?

Applicants seeking placement in an accredited program should request admission requirements and application procedures by directly contacting the institutions of their choice. Specific information regarding BU School of Dental Medicine admission policies can be obtained online.

Are matriculated Oral Health Sciences students guaranteed an interview at BU Dental School?

A majority of our students do interview at Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine, however this is not guaranteed and is based on performance in the Oral Health Sciences program. The Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine reserves the right to interview who they deem competitive.

How many students from the Oral Health Sciences Program matriculate into dental school?

Of the graduates who apply to a dental school, approximately 75% are admitted into dental schools; usually 5-10 students are accepted into Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine each year.

Are matriculated Oral Health Science students’ letters of recommendation sent to Dental Schools? If so, who is the appropriate person to handle this and what is the procedure?

No. When applying to dental schools, an applicant will need to request new letters of recommendation.  Students usually obtain letter(s) from their undergraduate institution as well new letters of recommendation from OHS faculty while in the program. The Division office and Dr. Davies will assist you as needed when sending to AADSAS and will also provide a letter report as needed.


What is the cost of education for the M.S. in Oral Health Sciences Program.

The combined annual tuition and fees for the OHS program  (4 semesters) is $45,050. This includes 2 semesters full-time at $21,200/sem and 2 semesters as a continuing student at $2,650/sem.

If I choose to complete the program in 2 years will I pay more tuition?

NO.  To complete the program in 12 months, you must register full-time (12-16 credits) in the fall and spring semesters and for at least 2 credits in both summer sessions.  Students pay full-time tuition for the Fall/Spring semesters but only need to pay the continuing student fee (which is equivalent to 2 credits) for the 2 summer sessions.

If students opt to complete the program in 2 years,  students still only pay the continuing student fee (equivalent to 2 credits), or per credit hour for additional coursework, during the  Fall/Spring of the second year. Students  completing the program in 2 years do not need to register for either summer session. Cost of the program will only vary by cost of living expenses.

If you have any additional questions please contact the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences at 617-638-5255 or Dr. Theresa Davies, Program Director.