Student Compliance Requirements

In order to register for courses at the University, both full-time and part-time students must comply with the following two policies:

1. Boston University uses an on-demand alert and response system called Send Word Now. In the event of a campus emergency, Send Word Now’s technology would allow us to contact the entire campus community immediately through a variety of electronic means, including text messaging, e-mail, and voice mail. To ensure the effectiveness of this system, students need to provide an emergency alert phone number (a number we can contact you at in case of an emergency, i.e., your cell phone number) on the Student Link. Students are required to confirm or update this information each semester on the Student Link . If you have questions about the Send Word Now system, please visit

2. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires that all full-time students and many part-time students enrolled in colleges and university complete a series of immunizations. The necessary immunizations are outlined on the Student Health Services website; you are informed of this requirement when you enroll at Boston University and we remind you of this each year. Please check the Student Link to learn whether this state regulation applies to you and, if so, whether Student Health Services has received the appropriate documentation.

Non compliance with these two policies can prevent a student from registering for courses.