Bioimaging Program Curriculum

The Masters Program in Bioimaging consists of a total of 36 credit hours. Program can be completed in one calendar year (September through August). However, accommodations will be made for part-time students.   Part-Time students can complete the program at their own pace, but within 5 years of the start date of their program.

Required Courses*

GMS IM 600 Bioimaging Foundations      4 Cr

GMS IM 610 Magnetic Resonance: Principles, Methods and Applications   4 Cr

GMS IM 620 Bioimaging Theory & Image Processing    4 Cr

GMS IM 630 Methods of Functional Imaging of the Brain     2 Cr

GMS IM 650 Bioimaging Practicum      4 Cr

GMS IM 651 Statistical Analysis of Neuroimaging Data   2 Cr

GMS IM 660 Radiation Protection, Safety, and Ethics    2 Cr

GMS IM 670 Special Topics in Bioimaging     2 Cr

GMS IM 680 Professional Development     2 Cr

GMS IM 700 Thesis Research I      2 Cr

GMS IM701 Sectional Anatomy for Imaging Professionals 2 Cr

GMS IM 710 Thesis Research II     2 Cr

GMS IM 730 A1, B1 Thesis Research III & IV   4 Cr (Summer I, II)

*most courses are offered in the late afternoon and early evening

Elective Courses

GMS IM 640 Post-processing Images of the Brian  2 Cr

GMS IM 655 Directed Studies in Bioimaging  2 Cr

GMS IM 690 Imaging of Neurological Disorders of the Brian 2 Cr