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Welcome to the Master of Science Program in Medical Anthropology & Cross-Cultural Practice. We are delighted that you are interested in this field and in our program!

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Why Choose Our Program?

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Human experiences of affliction, suffering, and sickness are deeply influenced by the historical and cultural contexts in which they arise. Medical anthropology is the interdisciplinary branch of anthropology that addresses all such aspects of health, illness, and disease. Medical anthropology formulates and addresses both theoretical and applied problems, with the goal of conducting research that will contribute to the social sciences, and to the different domains of healthcare. This application of anthropology to the study of illness and health brings the field into dialogue with scholars and practitioners in the medical sciences.

Drawing on the various methods and types of data from the different branches of anthropology and other disciplines, medical anthropology examines relationships between biological and cultural factors that contribute to the epidemiology of disease. It explores the meanings that cultural groups assign to these experiences, along with the different healing traditions, healers, and health care practices and systems in different cultures that have arisen in response. Common analytical frameworks include social, cultural, political, economic, gendered, racial/ethnic, and other analytical strategies, particularly in relation to the effects of globalization.

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MACCP Mission Statement

This graduate program, whose degree is awarded by Boston University School of Medicine, recruits and supports students likely to excel academically, engage vigorously in the life of our campus, enhance the diversity of our school community, and conduct research, scholarship, and professional practice in the service of the growing cultural and therapeutic pluralism that characterizes our world. We understand global health to be a local as well as an international phenomenon, and the study of health and health care to be as important to improving care locally as in far-flung places.

We educate and support students to develop their strengths as reflective, resourceful medical anthropologists and individuals, through in-depth training in the theories and methods of medical anthropology and cross-cultural practice, as well as through faculty investment in students’ own research commitments and career goals. We train future professionals to think critically and use interdisciplinary forms of evidence to solve problems, effectively communicate their ideas, uphold the highest ethical standards, and promote excellence, integrity, and leadership in their respective academic research and eventual professions both in and outside of academia.

We value qualities of intellect, character, motivation, preparation, and diverse life experience. We encourage integrated and collaborative efforts with other BU colleges, departments, and programs, and with community organizations and agencies in the greater Boston area. We are committed to the value of diversity and social justice in our standards of excellence, and in our dynamic engagement with the City of Boston, surrounding communities, and the world.

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