Admissions: Frequently Asked Questions

General Admissions

Who should I contact concerning the application process?

For general inquiries about Admission, please complete the Contact Admissions form.

Who do I contact to check the status of my application?

Please see the application status check contacts webpage to locate the administrator of the program you are applying to.

What is the Admissions office address and fax number?

Admissions, Division Of Graduate Medical Sciences
Boston University School of Medicine
72 East Concord Street, L317
Boston, MA 02118, USA
Fax: (617) 638-5740

Do you accept applications for January Admissions?

Some programs do accept students for Spring admission. Please check the Application Deadlines webpage for more details.

What is the application fee?

The online application fee requires a payment (payable by credit card) of $80. The application fee is waived for Boston University Employees with valid BU ID.

Will my application fee be refunded if I withdraw my application?

No, the application fee is non-refundable.

Will I need to submit a hard copy of my personal statement and CV if I uploaded this to my online application?

No. Your personal statement and CV should be uploaded on your online application.

How can I correct and/or update my Personal Statement or Resume after my application has been submitted?

You should submit the corrected/updated information through email to Natasha Easter We strongly urge applicants to review the contents of their application before submission to avoid the need to send additional information via email.

How long will it take before I receive an admissions decision?

The application review schedule is set by the admissions committee of each Department or Program. Written notification/electronic email is sent when a decision is finalized. Unfortunately, the GMS Admissions Office will not be able to provide updates on admissions decisions. You can utilize the Application Status Check Contacts webpage to contact your program administrator for status updates.

Can I use recommendation letters, test scores and transcripts from a previous application to GMS?

New or updated recommendation letters should be submitted. Test scores and transcripts from your previous GMS application can be used by submitting the Re-Applicant Form.

Can I apply to more than one graduate program at Boston University?

An applicant is allowed to apply to a maximum of two programs offered by GMS. Please be advised that each application must accompany the personal statement, letters of recommendations, and the application fee. One set of transcripts and test scores will serve both programs.

How do I enroll for a course or courses with non-degree status?

Non-degree applicants must submit the online Non-Degree Application for Admission. Additionally applicants must submit:

  • Official transcript of the most recent degree awarded
  • Completed registration form for the approved course(s) with faculty signatures
  • $80.00 application fee.

Letters of recommendations and test scores are not required.

Is there on campus housing for graduate students at the medical campus?

The Office of Housing Resources (OHR) is available to assist all students at BUMC in finding a place to live in the Boston area. There are several University properties located near the Charles River Campus. Apartments are available to full-time graduate students, faculty and staff. Apartments are rented on a first-come, first-served basis and require a one-year lease. For more information on BU housing, please visit BU Rental Property Management: .

Supporting Documents

What is the minimum GPA requirement?

Please refer to your Program / Department for specific GPA and test score requirements.

Do I need to wait to submit my application until all my recommenders have uploaded their recommendations?

No, we encourage you to submit your application and fee online as soon as you have completed the application. Do not wait for your recommenders to upload their letters.

How long are my test scores valid?

GRE scores: 5 years

TOEFL scores: 2 years

MCAT scores: 5 years

DAT scores: 3 years

Is it possible to submit supporting documents (recommendation letters, transcripts and test scores) before submitting my application?

No. Applicants must apply on-line PRIOR to sending supporting documents to the Admissions office. All credentials received prior to a completed application will not be processed. GRE scores must be submitted electronically from ETS. Please do not mail copies of GRE’s and TOEFL as this will not be used.

Do I need to have transcripts sent from every institution that I have attended?

Yes. Applicants are required to submit official transcripts from each institution attended. Applicants who have attended an institution outside the U.S. must provide certified copies and certified English translation of the transcripts. Non-degree students only need to submit a transcript from the most recent institution from which a degree was awarded.

Can recommendation letters be mailed to the GMS Admissions office?

We encourage all applicants to any degree program to have their recommenders submit their letters of support through the online application If recommenders are unable to submit electronically they may download the GMS Recommendation Form and submit a hard copy of the letter to the GMS Admissions office. Applicants must apply and complete the on-line application PRIOR to submitting the hard copy letters from recommenders to the GMS Admissions Office.

What is the institution code for the GRE and TOEFL report?

The GRE and TOEFL report institution code for the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences is 3087. GRE and TOEFL scores must be submitted electronically from ETS.

Are Permanent Residents required to submit the International Applicant Coversheet or TOEFL Report?

No, the International Applicant Coversheet is not required for Permanent Residents. A copy of your Green Card showing proof of residency must be sent to the Division Office before matriculation. An applicant who is a permanent resident of the US but English is not the native language may choose to submit a TOEFL Report.

International Applicants

What is the estimate of expenses for international applicants?

The International Students and Scholars Office provide an estimate of expenses that should be sufficient for one year of attendance at Boston University. The estimate of expenses for international applicants may be found here. Please note that the Estimate of Expenses is updated on a yearly basis.

How should international applicants provide proof of financial support?

International applicants applying to a Masters Program must provide financial documents that demonstrate the ability to pay for your expenses at Boston University for a minimum of one year. We accept checking or savings bank account statements, bank loan statements, scholarship award letters, and support letters from the government or independent organizations. The financial documents must be in English and in U.S. dollars. It should clearly state your name and/or sponsor’s name. If sponsored, a legalized letter from your sponsor is required. More information can be found here. All documents should be original copies. Photocopies are not accepted.

The financial documentation is NOT required for international Ph.D. applicants.

Must I submit the International Applicant Coversheet?

The International Applicant Coversheet is part of the online application. The form should be completed, signed and mailed to the Admissions Office with a copy of your passport and financial documentation. If the applicant sends the documents after recommendation of admission, this could cause delays in the admissions and visa process.

Do you accept the IELTS instead of the TOEFL?

Yes, we do accept the IELTS. The minimum score required of international applicants is 6.5. Please visit the IELTS website at for more information regarding testing dates and score reports.

What is the TOEFL minimum requirement?

The minimum score requirement is 213 (computer-based test) or 550 (paper-based test). For the computer-based test the minimum score for each section are as follows: Reading-21, Listening-18, Speaking-23, Writing-22.