Previous Student Thesis Titles

Odontometric Differentiation Between Southwest Hispanics, Native Americans, and European Americans. 2015

The Height of the Pubic Tubercle as an Indicator of Parturition. 2015

The Utility of Histomorphometrics in Distinguishing Between Human and Non-Human Rib Bone: Osteon Area, Perimeter, and Circularity. 2015

Validation Study of the Proposed Seventh Phased of the Suchey-Brooks Age Estimation Method for the Pubic Symphysis. 2015

An Evaluation of a Metric Method for Sex Estimation Using the Clavicle, Humerus, Radius, and Ulna. 2015

The Effect of Rainfall on Blowfly (Calliphoridae) Activity and Decomposition on Recently Deposited Animal Remains. 2015

Observations of the Impacts of Mechanical Plowing on Buried Remains in Forensic and Archaeological Contexts. 2015

The Identification of Blunt Force Trauma in Thermally Altered Remains Using Reconstruction and Computed Tomography. 2015

The Estimation of Body Mass From Human Skeletal Remains. 2015

A Comparison of Pubic Symphysis Aging Methods to Analyze Elderly Female Individuals in the Lisbon Skeletal Collection. 2015

Masculinization of Postmenopausal Female Crania: Fact or Fiction? 2015

Metric, Nonmetric, and Geometric Morphometric Methods of Sex Estimation Using the Distal Humerus. 2014

Estimation of Osteoarthritis for Age-At-Death Estimation in a Modern Population. 2014

The Effects of Thermal Alteration on Saw Mark Characteristics. 2014

Utility of the Sternum to Estimate Sex and Age. 2014

Estimation of Body Mass Index From the Metrics of the First Metatarsal. 2014

The Reproducibility of Incomplete Skulls Using Freeform Modeling Plus Software. 2014

Trace Element Analysis of Human Tooth Enamel by Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry For Estimation of Region of Origin. 2014

Buried Within the Abbey Wall: Paleopathological Examination of Leprosy Frequencies of a Rural Monastic Population in Medieval Denmark. 2014

Bone Preservation in an Archaeological Burial Assemblage: The Effects of Time, Soil pH, Age, and Sex .2014

Correlation Between Chainsaw Type and Tool Marks in Sectioned Bone. 2014

Foreigners in Fröjel?: A Study of Mobility on a Viking Age Post of Trade in Gotland, Sweden. 2014

A Validation Study of the Newly Developed Calce Method for Determining Age-At-Death Using the Acetabulum. 2014

Sexual Dimorphism at the Proximal Tibia: A Geometric Morphometric Analysis. 2014

Three-Dimensional Image Technology in Forensic Anthropology: Assessing the Validity of Biological Profiles Derived from CT-3D Images of the Skeleton. 2014

Biodistance Analysis of Hispanic Skeletons. 2013

Distinguishing Homicides and Suicides in Firearm Fatalities: The Role of Skeletal Trauma Analysis. 2013

The Effects of Insect Repellant on Soft Tissue Decomposition. 2013

Sex Estimation Through Discriminant Function Analysis of an Archaeological Population From Mistihalj, Montenegro. 2013

Subaerial Bone Weathering and Other Taphonomic Changes in a Temperate Climate. 2013

A Study of the Impact of Weathering Upon the Minimal Force Required to Fracture Bone. 2013

Using Strontium Isotope Analysis on Modern Populations to Determine Geolocation Reliability in a Forensic Context. 2013

Suppression of Insect Activity Due to Gunpowder Residue on Decomposing Remains. 2013

Modification and Dispersal of Bones in a Multi-Scavenger Environment. 2013

The Use of Craniometrics in the Estimation of Juvenile Sex by Means of Discriminant Function Analysis: A Revised Method. 2013

Sex Estimation Method Using Cervical Canine Diameters: A Validation Study. 2013

Examination of the Effects of Obesity on Weight-Bearing Extremities: CT Scan Analysis and Comparison of Modern European American and African American Male Samples. 2012

Normal and Taphonomic Arthropod Population Survey in Holliston, Massachusetts. 2012

The Temporal Degradation of Bone Collagen. 2012

Reburial of Mass Graves: A Study of the Resulting Disturbed Remains. 2012

The Analysis of Rodent Gnawing. 2012

The Detection of Sharp Force, Blunt Force and Gunshot Trauma on Whole Pigs Recovered from a Fire Environment. 2012

Use of Computed Tomography in Conjunction with X-Rays For Positive Identification of Individuals Using the Frontal Sinus. 2012

Underwater Decomposition: An Examination of Factors Surrounding Freshwater Decomposition in Eastern Massachusetts. 2012

Determining The Presence of Secular Change Using Geometric Morphometrics: An Analysis of the Craniofacial Morphology in South African European males of the Raymond A. Dart and Pretoria Skeletal Collections. 2011

The Origins of the Human Remains From Perrins Ledge Crematorium: Strontium Isotope Ratio Assessment of Archaeological Cremains. 2011

Craniometric and Nonmetric Assessment of Skulls of Hispanic Decent. 2011

Time Line of Decomposition of Porcine Bone Marrow. 2011

Macroscopic Evidence of Healing in Civil War Specimens. 2011

Application of Anthropological Aging-Methods to Three-Dimensional Reconstructions of Clinical CT Scans of the Adult Pelvis. 2011