Outdoor Research Facility

Students and faculty in the program in Forensic Anthropology are fortunate to have access to our Outdoor Research Facility in Holliston, Massachusetts. Located on 32 acres in Holliston, the facility provides unique opportunities for students and faculty members to conduct research projects investigating various topics in taphonomy, decomposition, skeletal trauma, mortuary archaeology, forensic entomology and crime scene investigation.

In addition, students will complete practical exercises at the facility for various courses in the program, including:

outside (475 x 315)

  • Outdoor Crime Scene Investigation
  • Forensic Photography
  • Field Methods in Forensic Anthropolgy
  • Applied Forensic Anthropology
  • Advanced Crime Scene Investigation
  • Total Station Mapping Techniques
  • Forensic Entomology

Resources located on the property include a ranch-style house with classroom facilities, several small sheds, a large kennel, cranberry bogs, wooded areas and several open fields.

CSI-P1To date the facility has been used for student research activities and as a training facility for local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Students interested in completing research projects at the facility must submit a a research proposal to the Graduate Student Committee for review. Transportation to and from the facility is the responsibility of the student.