Masters Program

This full-time 42 credit Masters of Science degree offers students a unique opportunity to apply the principles of anthropology, anatomy and osteology to criminal case work and other scenarios with unidentified remains.

Classes are lecture and laboratory based with opportunities for internships and directed studies. Students complete a graduate level research project that culminates into a full-length thesis.

This unique program is one of the only graduate forensic anthropology programs in a department of anatomy at a major medical center. This setting will provide students and faculty access to extensive resources and facilities, including our outdoor research facility and human gross anatomy laboratory.

Students may also participate in our Forensic Entomology options. Students who chose to complete this option will complete all requirements for the MS in Forensic Anthropology but in addition, will complete extensive coursework and research in Forensic Entomology. Students will be trained and supervised by Dr. Ian Dadour, a leading forensic entomologist from the University of Western Australia.

With our close affiliated with the Masters Degree Program in Biomedical Forensic Sciences , students have the opportunity to pursue training in multiple areas of forensic sciences.

Employment and Educational Opportunities for Graduates of this Program

Upon completion of this program students will be qualified to continue their education in a Ph.D. program in Anthropology or pursue employment in a variety of settings. Potential employment opportunities for graduates include State Medical Examiners Offices, Government or Private Crime Laboratories, State or Federal Law Enforcement Agencies or academic settings.

Boston University Medical Center

Boston University Medical Center contains state of the art lecture halls, seminar rooms, sophisticated computerized teaching labs and Boston’s largest biomedical research park. In addition, the campus is in close proximity to the Office of Chief Medical Examiner for Massachusetts and the Boston Police Department Crime Laboratory

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