Anatomical Gift Donation

The Program in Forensic Anthropology at Boston University School of Medicine trains students in the theory, practice, and methods of biological and forensic anthropology. This education and the scientific research generated from it, is not possible without access to human skeletons with known biological profiles. Accordingly, we depend entirely upon the invaluable gift of body donations.

Boston University School of Medicine has a long standing Anatomical Gifts Program that operates under the Universal Anatomical Gift Act. The skeleton of each body donated to our program will be accessioned into our Skeletal Collection (the Boston University Donated Osteological Collection) where it will be studied by students, faculty, and law enforcement specialists for research, training and education. The body cremains are returned to the donor’s families or buried at the Pine Hill Cemetery in Tewksbury, Massachusetts that is managed by the four medical schools of Massachusetts. In appreciation of your gift, all donors to the program will be included in the yearly Memorial Service held by Boston University School of Medicine. Each donor’s name will be read at the Service recognizing the selfless gift made to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

Boston University School of Medicine will pay for transportation of your body from your point of death in Massachusetts to the Medical School and for cremation. In addition, if so requested, your cremains will be delivered, at our expense, to your desired place of interment (next of kin, power of attorney, family plot at your cemetery,etc.).

If you would like to will your body or the body of a deceased family member to the Program in Forensic Anthropology, or if you would like more information about the program before you make a commitment to body donation, please contact:

Lee Farris

Forensic Anthropology Gift Administrator