Hee-Young Park, PhD

Assistant Dean

Hee-Young ParkPark_Hee-Young-2-5x3-5
Room L-317

Dr. Hee-Young Park serves as the Assistant Dean for GMS and oversees a wide range of activities that include daily operations, student affairs, and major GMS annual events such as commencement and orientation. Dr. Park is the Chair and Professor of the Department of Medical Sciences & Education and also holds a secondary appointment in the department of Dermatology at the rank of Professor. Dr. Park received both B.S. and Ph.D. degrees from MIT. Born in Seoul, Korea, Dr. Park spent her early teen years in Japan and came to Fayetteville, Arkansas for high school and remained in the U.S. to pursue her interests in science. Dr. Park has been a biomedical researcher prior to joining GMS where her research was focused on signaling pathways and factors that control skin color, aging and cutaneous wound healing. Dr. Park has published extensively in these fields and gave lectures and seminars around the world. In addition, she has consulted cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies interested in developing treatments for pigmentation-disorders and holds a patent for a method to decrease skin pigmentation. Dr. Park also has a long-standing interest in teaching and mentoring students. She has served as a faculty advisor and mentor to graduate students, medical students, residents and post-doctoral fellows.