BioRender Request

To request a BioRender license, please visit Within the site is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) which you may find helpful.

Once you submit a request:

  1. The system will attempt to determine eligibility for all requested users. Eligible users includes active full- or part-time faculty and staff. Eligible users also includes active students, but only if they have been submitted by eligible faculty or staff who also will be paying for that student.
  2. If the system can immediately determine that all users are eligible, it will display directions for submitting an Internal Service Request (ISR) to BUMC IT.  Those directions can also be found here.   If one or more users has to have their eligibility reviewed, a different message will show.  In either case, once eligibility is determined for all users on the request, the requester and the department’s finance administrator (if specified) will also receive directions via email.  That email will list all users with their final eligibility.
    • BU is subsidizing the cost of BioRender premium in 2023. The departmental cost of BioRender premium is $120 per user, which covers use from 1/13/2023 – 1/12/2024.  At this time there is no plan to prorate cost for 2023. 
    • Once eligibility is confirmed you will receive a BioRender request number.  Please include the BioRender request number in the Note Pad section of the ISR.
  3. After your ISR is submitted, a BUMC IT ticket will be automatically generated, which will be used to provide users access to BioRender once funding is approved.  Please do not submit a separate ticket!  The system will email all users with instructions, once access has been granted.

If you have other questions regarding requesting a BioRender license or about the ISR payment process, please contact the Service Desk at 617-358-4540.