Telephone conversion from BMC provided service to BU provided service:
As part of a Boston University initiative to modernize services and reduce operating expenses, BU IS&T will be replacing telephones on the Medical campus with new Cisco phones supported by the same service as currently deployed on the Charles River Campus. The project involves over 3,000 devices and will take about 18 months to complete.

If your location has already converted to the new BUMC telephones and you need to order new service, make a change to existing service or report a trouble: please contact BU Communication Services 617-353-2097 or email phone@bu.edu

If your location has not yet converted to the new BUMC telephones and you need to order new service, make a change to existing service or report a trouble: please contact BMC Telecommunications at 617-638-6890

Since the current BU Medical Campus telephone service has been provided by BMC, this conversion will require a telephone number change for all BU faculty and staff. To facilitate this transition, main department telephone, fax and other key numbers will be forwarded to the new BU numbers through the end of 2018.

The new BU phones utilize the same data network that connects your computers today. In fact, it will likely plug directly into the jack currently being used by your computer, and your computer will then plug into the phone for its network connectivity.

Telephone functions will be replicated based on how your phone is set up to work today. BU Communication Services staff will be visiting each site to review floor plans and assess telephone needs. See the tentative conversion schedule at the bottom of the page.

Training is a key part of ensuring a smooth transition. For user guides and online tutorials, follow these links:

Tutorials and User Guides – Link to the Communication Services Tech Web Page
Live Training – Click here to sign up for live training.
Voice Messaging User Guide
Telephone Number Transition Instructions

As the conversion process progresses, you will receive additional emails directly from the Project Team informing you of key activities. Please feel free to contact them at ipphone@bu.edu if you have any questions.

Thank you for your help in making this a smooth transition.

Changes in Dialing from your new BU telephone:
• To call another BU telephone (i.e. numbers starting with 617-352, 617-353 or 617-358):
   Dial the 5 digit telephone number
• To call a BMC telephone (i.e numbers starting with 617-414 or 617-638):
   Dial 10 digit telephone number
• To Place an outside call:
   Dial 1+10 digit telephone number

If you are calling from a BMC telephone to a BU telephone
Dial 9+ 10 digit telephone number

The following numbers for Public Safety and Emergency services can be dialed using 5 digits from either system (BMC Avaya or BUMC Cisco):
• 44444 – Public Safety Emergency
• 46666 – Code Red
• 47777 – Code Blue
• 46000 – STAT Page
• 44144 – Public Safety non-Emergency

For a directory of the BMC telephone numbers, please go to http://directory.bmc.org/WebDirectory/

Tentative Conversion Schedule:

Building Address Building Name Status Target Conversion Date
NEIDL 620 Albany St. NEIDL Complete
A 80 East Concord Complete
T 715 Albany St. Talbot Complete
Garage 610 Albany St. Garage Complete
Garage 710 Albany St. Garage Complete
B 750 Harrison Robinson Complete
K 71 East Concord Conte Complete
W 700 Albany St. CABR Complete
815 Albany St. Residence Complete
L 72 East Concord Instructional Complete
R 72 East Concord Housman Complete
E 75 East Newton Evans In Progress
X 650 Albany St. EBRC/BIO2 In Progress
J 609 Albany St. Dermatology Complete
G 100 East Newton Goldman In Progress
560 Harrison In Progress
M 85 East Newton Solomon/Fuller/Carter August 2018
BIO3 670 Albany St. Nov/Dec 2018
C 746 Harrison Colamore No BU Phones
Cross.Town 801 Mass Ave. Crosstown Feb/Mar 2019
D 66 East Newton Old Evans No BU Phones