Mobile Synchronization

Overview If your mailbox is on Boston University’s central Microsoft Exchange server, as is the case for most faculty and staff, you can synchronize your e-mail, contacts, and calendar with your smartphone or other mobile device.
Available To Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments
Benefits You have convenient access to your e-mail, address book, and calendar without need for a computer.
Key Features
  • Send and receive mail from your smartphone or other mobile device.
  • Access and update your address book and calendar on the Exchange server.
  • If you use a BlackBerry, you can also edit your notes and tasks.
  • A mailbox on one of Boston University’s central Microsoft Exchange servers (see Accounts & Access)
  • A smartphone or mobile device, such as a BlackBerry, iPhone, or Droid, with an appropriate data plan
Cost There are no charges beyond the costs of your device and a data plan sufficient for synchronizing the desired information.
Getting Started Once you have set up an e-mail account as outlined at Accounts & Access, select your device for instructions on setting up synchronization with Exchange. 


Also available are instructions on setting up BU Google Apps or ACS accounts, rather than Exchange, on your mobile device.