Emerging Scientific Scholars Program

Emerging Scientific Scholars Program BU GMS

The Emerging Scientific Scholars Program (ESSP) is a program for biomedical science students who come from historically-excluded backgrounds in the sciences.

Learning Objectives

  • Establish skills needed to develop and manage a successful mentoring partnership 
  • Develop knowledge regarding resources and opportunities at BU 
  • Encourage community and networking opportunities among faculty and colleagues 
  • Gain information regarding important study skills and techniques needed to be successful in courses  
  • Grow confidence that the students have the right attributes to succeed in graduate school 
  • Develop a sense of belonging through gaining knowledge about the city of Boston and its neighborhoods

Short Term Goals

  1. Provide opportunities to network with peers, faculty, and members of the local Boston community​
  2. Promote a better understanding of how to navigate academic science​
  3. Support professional development and career advancement opportunities

Long -term Institutional/Program Goals & Theoretical Outcomes

  1. Better sense of belonging and institutional investment​
  2. Promote student retention ​
  3. Recruit and mentor (Underrepresented Graduate) URG students


  • Tours of Boston neighborhoods encouraging a sense of belonging through gaining knowledge about the city of Boston and its neighborhoods.  Previous tours covered the Historic South End, Downtown Boston, Boston’s Financial District, and Seaport
  • Monthly group mentoring sessions covering topics such as finding suitable mentors, financial well-being, and mental health and resiliency

Contact Information for the Emerging Scientific Scholars Program at BU GMS

Ashley Morrow, MPH
Associate Director, Diversity & Inclusion
Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine