MTM Qualifying Examinations

The qualifying examination is administered in two tiers that are each independent assessments of student abilities. Both are integrated with the overall learning goals of the Molecular and Translational Medicine (MTM) Program.  The MTM program is broadly focused on educational training in the basic scientific knowledge on which biological/medical research questions are developed and on the processes of translational medical research. Towards this end, the qualifying exam emphasizes understanding the development of scientific hypotheses and research designs and outcomes that help bridge basic science questions to human health and disease.

Qualifying Exam Timeline: Students typically complete the Tier 1 exam after the Fall semester of their second year. The Tier 2 exam is usually completed at the end of the Spring semester or early Summer of the second year, however, under mitigating circumstances the Tier 2 exam may be scheduled no later than the end of the fall term of the third year.  The Tier 2 must be completed prior to the first meeting of the thesis committee and may be used as the basis of the first thesis committee report.