Lung Cell and Molecular Biology

Basic Science Research

The Boston University Pulmonary Center has one of the nation’s premiere training programs in Lung Cell and Molecular Biology, sponsored by an NHLBI training grant for more than 30 years. The goal of this research program is to train scientists in fields related to lung disease, injury and repair. For PhD and Masters degree candidates in the departments of biochemistry, immunology, pathology, microbiology, molecular medicine, cell and molecular biology, and engineering, we provide laboratory based training in nine major disciplines related to lung biology:

The Pulmonary Center has trained over 60 doctoral students in Biochemistry, Pathology, Immunology and Engineering and 130 post-doctoral fellows over the past 30 years in disciplines related to lung diseases.

Those students or post-doctoral research fellows interested in performing rotations or receiving formal training in a laboratory within our Pulmonary Center are invited to click on each research discipline above, visit our extensive Pulmonary Center website and contact our Principal Investigators to discuss specific projects.