PhD Behavioral Neurosciences

The mission of the Behavioral Neurosciences PhD Program is to provide students with a firm foundation in basic principles and methods of Experimental Neuropsychology in preparation for embarking on a career as an experimental neuropsychologist and behavioral neuroscientist in academia or industry.

A Translational Link

The Behavioral Neurosciences PhD Program is unique in that the focus is on human neurobehavioral disorders in relation to brain structure and functioning. The Behavioral Neurosciences Program provides a true translational link between cutting-edge research and its emphasis on medical patient care. Our students and alumnae represent strong, talented and highly productive professionals. The strength and uniqueness of the Behavioral Neurosciences Program is exemplified in the quality and constitution of our course offerings, faculty and research opportunities.

About the Program

The Behavioral Neurosciences PhD Program is an interdisciplinary program administered through the Graduate Medical Sciences, BUSM, and consists of faculty members mainly in the Departments of NeurologyPsychiatry and Anatomy & Neurobiology (many holding joint appointments within the VA Boston Healthcare System).

The key features of the program are:

  • The delineation and analysis of perceptual, cognitive, linguistic, affective and behavioral disorders observed in neurologic disease, as these disorders contribute to an understanding of normal brain function and its modification by pathology.
  • The subject matter derives primarily from clinical populations with neurological disorders affecting higher processes, particularly from the study of syndromes involving selective impairment of functional systems such as memory, language, attention, executive functioning and/or purposeful movement.
  • Current methods of clinical assessment, neuropsychology, experimental design and the neurosciences are integrated into a broad program focused on clinical research.  There is also some opportunity for basic science research, but limited.

Contact Us:

Carole Palumbo, PhD, Director
Behavioral Neurosciences PhD Program
Boston University School of Medicine
72 East Concord, R-1017
Boston, MA 02118