Russek Day Award Application Packet

If you are a PhD student and want to compete for a Student Achievement Award please submit to your Department Awards Committee (or degree-granting Program Awards Committee) the following information in one packet (Due: Tuesday, April 19th at noon EXTENDED to Friday, April 22.  Make sure you also submit your abstract online!  


  1. A hard copy of your poster abstract (also submitted online)
  2. An official transcript of your graduate curriculum
  3. A letter of support from your mentor (and any other additional letters that are supportive to help your departmental committee in their deliberations)
  4. An updated CV
  5. A copy of published manuscripts and/or publications in press or in final draft form.
  6. A personal statement (at minimum: describe why you are in science, your particular research interests, and future career goals). Please describe in your personal statement any activities that you have participated in during your graduate training that have enriched the academic and/or research environment for others either at the departmental or Divisional level.
  7. Other Requirements : All students applying for awards must have already passed their qualifying exams. If a student has previously received a second prize award (not first) they are still eligible to compete in this years’ awards program. In addition, if a student has already defended their dissertation and graduated, they are still eligible.