BUMC Fuller Gym


We are happy to announce that access to the Fuller Gym basketball court and recreational area has been granted to the BUMC community, as part of a campus-wide pilot program. All BUMC students, staff, and faculty now have access to the space from 4-9 p.m., six days a week (gym is closed on Tuesdays). The court can be used for pick-up basketball, volleyball, soccer, and other group sports.

During this pilot, access will be restricted to the gym floor only. Access to the weight room, cardio equipment, pool, and locker room/showers is not available. There is a swipe card accessible closet for equipment storage (e.g., basketballs, dodge-balls).

The gym is located in the basement of the Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Building, 85 E Newton St. Note – it is secured by card access so you must bring your BU ID. Please reach out to your supervisor or student affairs office to gain access.


  • All users must complete the Waiver Form below prior to using Fuller Gym.
  • Fuller Gym is open to all BUMC students, staff and faculty from 4-9 p.m.  daily except for Tuesdays.
  • To see calendar of classes and available open gym time, please see the calendar.
  • Users of this gym are responsible for keeping the gym area clean and for putting away all equipment after use in the swipe card access closet. Failure to do so may result in gym access being revoked.
  • On Thursdays from 4-6 p.m., the gym has been designated for open volleyball to allow for time to set-up and clean-up the equipment.
  • Users are not allowed to book specific events, unless it is for campus-wide events AND has been approved by your respective Student Affairs offices. Specific contacts for each school can be found on the bottom of this page.

Complete Waiver 



FITREC Classes offered this semester

Sign-up here, cost $50/semester for up to 46 classes. 


Please contact you school representative with questions:





Please keep the gym clean and put all equipment in  the storage closet when you are done.

Feel free to offer your suggestions on time management and/or class offerings using the following suggestion form.

Fuller Gym Suggestion Form