To date, more than 75 students have graduated from this program. Our graduates have excelled at their course work and have produced impressive research projects.

Several alumni have presented their thesis research at professional association meetings, including the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Many are in the process of applying for admission to Ph.D programs in Anthropology and Anatomy and several are applying to the FBI Academy, State Police Academies and other Federal Law Enforcement and Government Agencies. In addition, 11 students have been accepted into Ph.D programs, 2 students have started medical school and 3 students have been accepted to Law School.

Featured Alumni

Updates on Recent Graduates!

Gregory Moore (GMS, 2014): Greg is now working for the Department of Defense as a member of an Expeditionary Forensic Team.  His duties are primarily evidence collection and sight exploitation concerning acts of terrorism.  Secondary duties will include laboratory research and analysis to contribute to counter terrorism and intelligence support.  The work will include all areas of the forensic sciences. Congratulations Greg!

Jennifer Pendray (GMS, 2015): Jennifer is employed at the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences as Forensic Investigator II. She will be responding to death scenes to document, recover and identify human remains, and collect and preserve physical and biological evidence. She will also be responsible to develop organized, concise and accurate death reports. Congratulations Jennifer!

Rebecca King (GMS, 2015): Rebecca is currently volunteering in Guatemala, with a team called Equipo Forense Internacional–International Field Initiatives and Forensic Training. She is working on the excavation and analysis of victims of La Violencia (1960-1996). For two weeks, she has been volunteering at the Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Forenses de Guatemala, which is the medical examiner’s office, on contemporary cases.

Michelle Barretta, (GMS, 2012) Michelle completed the graduate certificate program in Forensic Investigation at George Washington University in May 2015. She is now working as a project assistant at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). She is working on evaluating the underlying scientific bases for several forensic science fields. Here is a link to her project website:

Recent Graduates Accepted to Ph.D. Programs:

Donovan Adams (GMS, 2015) University of Reno

Karen St. George (GMS, 2015) Boston University School of Medicine

Brianne Charles (GMS, 2014) University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Alexandria Wink (GMS, 2012) Boston University School of Medicine

Tyler Dunn (GMS, 2014) University of Illinois-Urbana

Sarah Peacock (GMS, 2011) University of Missouri

Sara Arias (GMS, 2012) University of South Florida

Emily Peschel (GMS, 2014) University of Calgary

Sandra Koch (GMS, 2012), Pennsylvania State University