Most faculty are investigators in one or more Research Centers located at the Boston VA Medical Center: the Harold Goodglass Aphasia Research Center; the Memory Disorders Research Center; the Women’s Health Sciences Center; the Environmental Hazards Center; the PTSD Center; or the Substance Abuse Medication Center. Core faculty hold appointments in the Medical and Graduate Schools of Boston University, and many are senior research or clinical staff members of the Psychology, Neurology or Research Services of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Boston.

A list of core faculty members follow, along with their principal research interests:

Martin Albert, M.D., Ph.D., Language and the aging brain; Aphasia.

Marlene Oscar Berman, Ph.D., Alcoholism; Cerebral laterality.

Domenic Ciraulo, M.D., Substance abuse.

Subimal Datta, Ph.D., Sleep and Sleep disorders.

Raymon Durso, M.D., Parkinson’s disease; Movement disorders.

Terrance Keane, Ph.D., Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Conan Kornetsky, Ph.D., Pharmacology; Reward systems of the brain.

Mark Moss, Ph.D., Aging; Frontal Brain Systems.

Margaret Naeser, Ph.D., Neuroimaging; Aphasia.

Carole Palumbo, Ph.D., Neuroimaging; Aphasia

Penny Prather, Ph.D., Developmental disorders; Attention.

Robert Stern, Ph.D., Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy; Alzheimer’s Disease.

Mieke Verfaellie, Ph.D., Memory disorders; Cerebral laterality.

Roberta F. White, Ph.D., Environmental hazards; Toxicology; Assessment.

Research interests of other faculty in the Program are available from the Behavioral Neuroscience office.

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