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About the Program:

The MS in Healthcare Emergency Management prepares individuals to work across the spectrum of emergency and crisis management focusing on multiple areas of biomedical sciences and healthcare, along with practical experience. The program consists of a 36-credit, 12-month full-time course of study, with a part-time option.

The Masters program can be completed in-person or online through our virtual classroom. Our virtual classroom experience is a real-time distance learning environment. Based on Adobe® Connect™ web conferencing, our students are able to attend class from wherever they happen to be. The virtual classroom gives students the flexibility to attend graduate school without the major up heal in their lives that relocation would involve. Students can keep their urgent jobs, homes, and living situations while completing the HEM degree.

An article appearing in the November-December 2013 issue of Emergency Manager looks at the value of a degree in the field of EM and indicates that hiring trends are moving in the direction of giving preference to individuals with specific degrees in emergency management over more traditional choices from public safety departments who have no degree.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

The BU Healthcare Emergency Management program is innovative in several aspects. From its focus on healthcare environments, to the hands on training in exercise development and incident command, this program provides students with a comprehensive background for facing the challenges of a career in emergency/disaster preparedness. Add to this the blended learning environment of our virtual classroom, which allows students to attend class in real time from across the country, and you have a truly unique program.

We have produced several short videos which look at various aspects of our program from different points of view.

Program Highlights:

  • 1 and 2 year tracks
  • Classes taught by recognized experts in the fields of: Emergency Management; Homeland Security; Disaster Relief; Incident Command; Exercise Design
  • Blended learning environment allows students to attend class at our Boston campus or from almost anywhere through our virtual classroom
  • Active participation in a variety of real-world exercises
  • Internships and practica provide students with valuable emergency management experience critical to future employment opportunities.
  • Paid internships (up to $15,000) available.

In the News…

Mass HIway lets health providers easily swap medical records
An overview, from GCN.com, of efforts underway in Massachusetts to develop a Health Information Exchange (HIway). The Mass HIway allows healthcare organizations within the state to share patient information via secure internet connections in order to get a more complete picture of an individual patient’s condition and health history and expedite the most appropriate course of treatment.

Situational awareness one of the golden rules in risk mitigation from Security InfoWatch Looks at a shooting that happened on December 17, in Reno, Nevada, with some interesting insights for Emergency Managers in the healthcare industry.

A New York Times article published on December 7 (NYT & Boston Globe – Dec.8 print editions) looks at new guidelines for first responders, especially EMTs, in bombings and mass shootings.

EmergencyManagement.com asks the question, “Are Emergency Management Graduates Finding Jobs?“, in an interesting article examining employment trends in the field of emergency management. The article looks at the emerging importance of academic credentials and experience in hiring emergency management personnel.

EducationDive.com has a story about 6 schools that mastered their campus emergency responses in light of a recent Virginia Supreme Court ruling. The court ruled that Virginia Tech did not act negligently when it did not immediately issue campus warnings following the shootings of Seung-Hui Cho’s first two victims on April 16, 2007.

IT News has a brief story on how Dunkin’ Donuts watches out for its employees.

Security InfoWatch news letter had three articles of interest for Emergency Managers this week: