Advocacy in action: OBGYN Residents and Physicians visit Capitol Hill to advocate for legislation to prevent maternal mortality

Dr. Markenson, Dr. O’Connor, Dr. Belcher-Obejero-Paz. and Dr. Cannon

Over the past three days, two of our residents, Dr. Sarah O’Connor and Dr. Alexandra Belcher-Obejero-Paz, (together with Drs. Markenson and Cannon) had the opportunity to attend the Congressional Leadership Conference where they met many like-minded OB/GYNs, heard inspirational speakers, and learned more about the political environment that affects our day-to-day. Their focus was on lobbying for legislation directed at preventing maternal mortality and specifically the inequities that exist for minority woman, extending insurance coverage for all new moms to total 12 months postpartum, and fighting against the current legislative actions that threaten insurance coverage for our patient populations. The group met with Representative Ayanna Pressley, MA 7th District, and Senator Ed Markey.

More information about our legislative asks as well as what ACOG and our PAC (political action committee) is doing for our patients:


With Ayanna Pressley, Unites States House of Representative of Massachusetts 7th District

With Ed Markey, United States Senator, MA