Additional Resources

Lyra Mental Health Support   Lyra Overview Flyer_2023   

Mental Health and Addiction Resource Guide for BMC Residents and Fellows Mental Health & Addiction Guide_Residents_4.2023 Final

BMC DEI Council

The DEI Council is made up of our own residents/fellows, PDs/APDs, the URiM Program Manager (Shawnda Walker), and our HR Business Partner (Carolyn Morgan). Although the Council partners with HR, it is not involved with direct investigations or action related to specific incidents, and instead provides emotional support and guidance to anyone who has experienced or witnessed events that are related to DEI. You can see more here, and flyer attached.

GME Anonymous Reporting of Resident/Fellow Concerns

There is a website where anyone can report concerns related to your experience as a resident/fellow directly to me. The reports come to me completely anonymously (unless you intentionally identify yourself), and I am able to follow up/address as appropriate.