Glomerular Disease Center

The Glomerular Disease Center, directed by Dr. Laurence Beck Jr, provides second-opinion consultative services and comprehensive care for patients with nephrotic and nephritic disorders of the kidney. It was formally launched in 2019 to build on the already-large number of complex glomerular disease cases seen by our clinicians. The Glomerular Disease Center is a referral site for primary care providers seeking a diagnosis and initial management options for their patients, as well as for other nephrologists who seek a more detailed evaluation and state-of-the-art treatment plan for patients with these often rare disorders. The Glomerular Disease Center adds to the expertise that already exists within Boston Medical Center’s Lupus Clinic and Amyloidosis Center. It also partners closely with Transplant Nephrology for the pre- and post-transplant management of patients whose end-stage kidney disease was due to glomerular disease. A translational research program in membranous nephropathy using longitudinal blood samples taken during active disease and remission has allowed for seminal discoveries in this field, and we are expanding our research registry and repository to encompass all glomerular disorders and allow further studies into the pathogenesis of these rare diseases.