The Waikar Lab’s overall goal is to improve the lives of our patients suffering from kidney disease through patient-oriented research. We use a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to perform observational studies, biomarker discovery/validation, clinical trials, and translational research. Our research projects are purposefully wide ranging and address areas of  direct importance to patient care and public health.  Major current projects include:

  1. NIH Kidney Precision Medicine Project
  2. The Chronic Kidney Disease of Uncertain Etiology (CKDu) in Agricultural Communities (CURE) Research Consortium
  3. Randomized controlled trial of NAD supplementation for diabetic kidney disease
  4. R25 training program, the Boston University Kidney and Medical Engineering Program (BU-KIDMEP)
  5. Multi-omics of chronic kidney disease

Five selected publications:

1. Lake BB et al. An atlas of healthy and injured cell states and niches in the human kidney. Nature 2023
2. Ilori TO et al. Rationale and Design of the Diet, CKD, and Apolipoprotein L1 Study in Low-Income and Middle-Income Countries. Kidney Int Rep 2023
3. Buckley LF et al. Associations Between Kidney Histopathologic Lesions and Incident Cardiovascular Disease in Adults with Chronic Kidney Disease. JAMA cardiol 2023
4. Verma A et al. Aldosterone in chronic kidney disease and renal outcomes. Eur Heart J 2022
5. Waikar SS et al. Association of urinary oxalate excretion with the risk of chronic kidney disease progression. JAMA Internal Medicine 2019