Dr. Lauren Stern awarded Evans Clinician Designation

Congratulations to Dr. Lauren Stern for receiving the Evans Clinician Designation! Dr. Stern was nominated by her peers and patients, and an excerpt from the award presentation at Evans Day 2023 is below:

Tireless, excellent, wonderful. Wonderful came up a lot. She has a wonderful patient-centered view, She is a wonderful clinical physician. She is a wonderful human being. Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Unfailingly kind. A shining star who exhibits the best in what it means to be a doctor. She has improved the life of many patients, and undoubtedly has improved their clinical outcomes. Her patients uniformly love her. As a testament to that, I’ll read 2 comments from her patients:

She’s one of a kind, she’s pleasant and professional, but makes you comfortable, no matter what the situation is. She is the best.

She is one of the best doctors I’ve had in my 56 years of living. I would highly recommend her to receive an outstanding service award for her knowledge, wisdom, and care of her patients.

The Evans Clinician Designation was established in 2017 to recognize and celebrate outstanding clinicians who possess clinical skills, attributes and professionalism that define excellence and to establish a home for such individuals to share experiences and grow their membership. The Evans Clinician will be a lifelong member of an expensing group of recognized clinicians who will define the role of the group over time. Membership is meant to be honorific but not exclusive.


  • Exemplary approach to patient care and an unwavering focus on the patient in all aspects of the professional life (including research, teaching, and administration) over time
  • Strong doctor-patient relationship
  • Patient-centric care
  • Shared decision making
  • Recognized by patients and families for commitment and dedication
  • Opinion is sought after by colleagues
  • Requests to see relatives and friends of colleagues and trainees

Congratulations again to Dr. Lauren Stern!