Larry Beck and Nori Hayashi’s Commentary on Moore’s Law for Membranous Nephropathy Published in Kidney International

Dr. Laurence H. Beck Jr., Associate Professor of Medicine in the Renal Department at Boston University/Boston Medical Center, and Dr. Norifumi Hayashi, visiting researcher from Kanazawa Medical University in Japan, have published commentary on Moore’s Law for Membranous Nephropathy in Kidney International. The title of this Commentary is even more topical given the description of additional target antigens in membranous nephropathy at the recent ASN Kidney Week Reimagined, including HTRA1 which was identified by the Beck laboratory in collaboration with former fellow Laith Al-Rabadi.

Abstract: The identification of target antigens in membranous nephropathy has accelerated since the report of M-type phospholipase A2 receptor 1
(PLA2R1). One could say that technological advances have allowed for
the demonstration of Moore’s law (a doubling every 2 years in the
number of transistors that can be fit onto a computer chip) in the field
of membranous nephropathy, and that even more antigens can be
expected in the near future. In this issue of Kidney International, Sethi
et al. describe semaphorin-3B as a novel target antigen, defining a type
of membranous nephropathy with onset in the pediatric population.
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