Waikar Lab receives new Kidney Precision Medicine Project Awards

Dr. Sushrut Waikar, Chief of Nephrology, recently receives two grants from the Kidney Disease Precision Medicine Project (KPMP) to enhance the clinical phenotyping of participants undergoing kidney biopsy: one grant will fund kidney physiologic measurements including mGFR using iohexol clearance and renal plasma flow using PAH clearance, before and after an oral protein load. The second grant will fund functional magnetic resonance imaging of biopsy participants.

Boston Medical Center is the recruitment site for the KPMP, a signature initiative of the NIH-NIDDK to understand the causes of common forms of kidney disease. Dr. Waikar is one of the Principal Investigators of the KPMP. The major goals of the KPMP are to perform research biopsies in both acute and chronic kidney disease. The kidney tissue undergoes deep molecular characterization using cutting edge techniques (transcriptomics, metabolomics, proteomics) and histopathological analysis. BMC is extremely proud to be a site of KPMP, which may redefine the way we diagnose and manage kidney diseases in the future.