Service Overview

Select BUMC IT Services:

  • Computer Support – will help you with problems on your computer. 
  • Computer hardware/software consultation BU has negotiated prices with select vendors; we will provide you recommendations based on your needs and budget.
  • Computer Repairs – provides repair services for approved computers
  • Recycling of old computer equipment– BUMC IT will recycle old computer and monitors. We also provide suggestions and other alternatives to throwing away or recycling your computer equipment, such as donating it.
  • Software Support – BUMC IT fully supports many software applications. We can help you with questions about installing this software and provide ongoing technical support.
  • Mobile Device SupportBUMC IT offers support for mobile devices, including setup, mobile synchronization, and troubleshooting of default applications and OS.
  • New Computer Setup – BUMC IT will handle everything from unboxing, installing software, configuring to BUMC standard, transferring old data, wiping old drives, and recycling of your old machine.   Submit a request online to get your computer setup.
  • Network Printer Setup – similar to new computer setup, but for networked printers.
  • Training Resource – BUMC can assist in finding appropriate training to meet your needs including:



Select IS&T (Charles River Campus IT) Services:

Visit IS&T’s website for information about additional services.

  • Notebook Computer Backups – CrashPlan – Backup up to 10GB of data to the cloud for free. If you require more space a $45/yr plan for one computer with unlimited space is available.
  • Free Anti-Virus Software – faculty/staff/students can download free anti-virus software for both their work and home computers at
  • Microsoft Software Agreement – latest versions of Microsoft OS and Office available FREE to BU faculty & staff.
  • Mobile Device Encryption – BU is working on selecting a vendor to encrypt data on mobile devices.  We will inform you when this project is completed
  • Blackboard 8 for managing online course content helps you communicate and collaborate online.
  • Conferencing, including Adobe Connect – phone, video, and web conferencing solutions
  • Scientific Computing and Visualization – provides specialized computing and communication resources in support disciplines that require high-performance computing or complex visualization.

Boston Medical Center Information Technology Services

Boston Medical Center has its own IT department which is separate from both BUMC IT and IS&T on the Charles River campus.  They provide some of the services BUMC IT provides, but for clinical areas.  They can assist you with access to clinical applications and systems such as Logician.  Visit or call (617) 638-4500 to contact BMC ITS.