Donate or Recycle

Overview We can help you decide the best thing to do with your old or broken computer equipment. BUMC IT offers recycling services for computers, monitors, printers, and other computer equipment that you no longer want. We also provide suggestions and other alternatives to throwing away or recycling your computer equipment, such as donating it.
Available To Students, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments
Benefits Help the environment or help others by not throwing away your computer equipment when you no longer want it. You can bring it to BUMC IT Service Desk or have Facilities pick it up at your location.
Key Features
  • Pick up or drop off – We will come get your computer if you can’t bring it to the Service Desk.
  • Save the environment – you will be saving the environment by not throwing away your computer.
Requirements None
Cost No charge
Getting Started
  • Read more about donating or recycling your computer equipment.
  • Drop off your computer equipment at 801 Massachusetts Ave., Suite 485 (4th floor) or request a pickup