E-mail Accounts

Overview E-mail is an essential means of communication at BU and in the larger academic community. On an average day, our mail systems process over half a million messages. We currently offer new BU e-mail accounts on our Exchange server.
Available To Students, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments, Guests
Benefits With a BU e-mail account, you’ll enjoy full e-mail services including an inbox, disk space for e-mail folders or file storage, auto-reply features, access to webmail, e-mail support for popular desktop clients and mobile devices, and more. If you prefer, you can forward your BU e-mail to an existing account outside BU.
Key Features
  • Exchange – Faculty and staff will be provisioned with e-mail accounts on the University’s Microsoft Exchange server, providing them with a broad range of messaging features and tools for work collaboration. Some students in specific academic programs are also provided with Exchange accounts, as determined by the program administrator.
  • Must have a BU ID number
  • Must have a current and active status with the University, determined and verified by Human Resources or the Registrar
  • Must read and agree to the Conditions of Use and Policy on Computing Ethics
Cost No charge
Getting Started