Overview The University’s Microsoft Exchange server offers comprehensive e-mail and calendaring services to thousands of faculty and staff.
Available To Faculty, Staff
Benefits Collaboration tools are integrated with e-mail services on Exchange so you can arrange meetings with your colleagues more efficiently, view calendars of those who have granted you appropriate permission, schedule rooms and resources, and create to-do lists.
Key Features
  • Quota – The default quota for accounts on Exchange 2007 is 1GB. BUMC IT is in the process of migrating all users to Exchange 2010, and the quota will increase to 4GB.
  • E-mail – read your mail with Outlook or other supported desktop clients and mobile device clients, or through Outlook Web Access.
  • Calendaring – manage your own schedule and look at others’ calendars (with their permission) to more easily book appointments and meetings.
  • Mailing lists – use BU’s public and private distribution lists, or create your own.
  • Address books – access BU’s Global Address List or centrally manage your contacts with multiple address books.
  • Synchronization – keep your e-mail, contacts, and calendar updated and in sync between your computer and mobile device.
  • Retention – E-mail in the Trash is retained indefinitely for active accounts. E-mail that subscribers explicitly delete from the Trash (purged e-mail) is still available for 30 days – retrievable by the subscriber for 14 days and by Help request (or write to for the subsequent 16 days.
Cost No charge
Getting Started
  • Accounts for new Faculty and Staff will be provisioned during employment onboarding, along with the BU login name and Kerberos password.
  • Faculty and staff who are not already on Exchange will be transitioned from ACS during the 2011/2012 academic year.
  • Non-BU affiliates who demonstrate a business need for an Exchange account can be sponsored for a Guest account. Please have your sponsor complete the Guest account request form at
  • Department representatives seeking a Departmental/Service account should submit the request through
  • Configure your mobile device to sync with Exchange:
  • Need to synchronize with the AD? For the vast majority of people this is an unnecessary step.However, if your BU login name and Kerberos password was created before 2008 AND you are not already using other BU AD resources (such as SharePoint, MyPrint, or BU wireless via 802.1x) it’s possible that you’d need to do this one-time login, and you’ll then be all set.
  • Request a new Exchange Public Folder