Meet the Mentor: Aryan Pradhan

Gender Identity & Pronouns: He/him/his
Affinity Groups: gGLOBAL
Race/Ethnicity and/or Nationality: Asian, Indian
Languages: English, Hindi
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Education: B.S Microbiology and Biochemistry (double major), St Xavier’s College, Mumbai, India
Industry Interests:Pick up work experience in a clinical pathology research lab or industry preferably in MA and eventually chalk out a plan to do a PhD in the next 2-4 years.

Personal Facts/Hobbies:

I grew up in a middle income family in a bustling city named Mumbai, considered as the New York of the Indian subcontinent, with a population of 22 million people, used to a very fast paced and adrenaline filled lifestyle, till I moved to Boston, MA, which I feel is more relaxed and easier going especially over the weekends. During my childhood, I spent a lot of time playing a variety of sports, (unfortunately there’s no baseball in India) as well as trying to ace my grades, the latter obviously was not smooth sailing. Being the only child, I have never had my parents questioning my abilities, comparing my grades to my siblings, or asking me to follow a certain career path.

Initially I planned to study medicine, but the lack of personal family funds and ineligibility for FAFSA, made it almost impossible to prosper in that direction, making me realize that research also is an integral part of medicine, and it can have a ton of benefits. The United States was apparently the dream destination in my cards; hence I landed up at BU, studying Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. I joined BU as a GMS student in September, and I expect to graduate around May 2024. I am working in the Nephrology Department as a Research Assistant, to complete my thesis, as well as a Research coordinator for RECOVER, a long term recovery COVID study, at Boston Medical Center, piloted by New York University Langone School of Health and Massachusetts General Hospital. Over the weekends, I try and explore chill spots around the city and state, go shopping, get drinks at bars on game days, and recharge my batteries for what is often a hectic week ahead. One thing I’m looking forward to possibly doing this fall, is seeing the foliage change in northern New Hampshire and Vermont. I enjoy watching Netflix, Soccer, Formula One and Basketball, some baseball too, where I am learning how to support the Red Sox, and not the Yankees!

Of all my responsibilities, I realized I wanted to become a GMS C3 mentor. One of the biggest reasons that drove me to pursue becoming a mentor is to support students especially the ones who travel overseas to Boston, and to encourage them to strive hard and not give up. Being an international student is hard, struggling to blend with the local population due to difference in cultures, but with the right support, I feel that the process can be much simpler. I would ideally hope that the struggles and hardships that I faced initially, shouldn’t be encountered by a fellow student. I believe that if I can make your transition to Boston University, one percent better, it is only then can I call myself a decent mentor. I would absolutely love to share a good, informal rapport with the incoming students, where I am approachable and fun to be with, which is the main aim.