Student Spotlight: Kiloni Quiles-Franco

Kiloni Quiles-Franco is a PhD student studying Molecular and Translational Medicine at GMS. She is currently the co-host of Vitamin PhD, a podcast produced at Boston University for anyone who is pursuing a doctorate, has a doctorate, or supporting others on their doctoral journey. The podcast’s fourth season is focusing on conversations with student organizations, […]

Climate Action Group Project Aims to Improve Mask Disposal

Face masks are an important component of infection control during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the prevalence of face masks has resulted in a great amount of improperly discarded masks around Boston, including on and near the BU Medical Campus. To combat this issue of improper face mask disposal, the Climate Action Group has developed a […]

Meet Fumi

PhD Candidate in the Department of Microbiology What drew you to Boston University for your graduate studies? It was mainly the friendly, collaborative atmosphere that the students had when I was interviewing here. It was less stressful in terms of there being more communication between students, and it being more supportive in a way I […]

Student Spotlight: Carolina Lyon De Ana

PhD candidate and BU PhD Student Organization (BPSO) officer Carolina Lyon De Ana fell in love with Boston when she first moved to the U.S. from Venezuela in 2008. After leaving the city to pursue her undergraduate degree from Florida Gulf Coast University, she knew she eventually wanted to move back here. In 2015, Carolina […]

Student Spotlight: Ali Tavasoli

Ali Tavasoli first realized he wanted to become a dentist while working at a student-run clinic at University of California Davis and helping the underserved community in the Sacramento area. “I got to see how, even though we think we are living in a land of opportunity, not everyone has that equal access to that […]

Student Spotlight: Farah Herrawi

“When we think about health, we usually think about physical health,” said Farah Herrawi, a second-year Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine student. “There’s such a big need for people to be in the mental health profession, and that’s the thing that people tend to forget.” Farah is dedicated to advocating for people with mental […]

Student Spotlight: Anna Nagy

A California native and graduate of an arts high school, Anna Nagy did not initially plan to study genetic counseling in Boston. During her undergraduate years, she decided to make the shift from piano to science and studied human biology at Stanford University. It was when she worked in a laboratory and researched Type 2 […]

Student Spotlight: Jeff Kuniholm

When Jeff Kuniholm attended his interview day for the Program in Biomedical Sciences PhD program at Graduate Medical Sciences, he was immediately impressed by the sense of comradery in the graduate school. “People were very willing to talk to one another, shake your hand, and introduce themselves,” he said. “That kind of loosened me up […]

Spotlight on MD/PhD Student: Chad Mayer

Chad Mayer MD/PhD Candidate Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine What brought you to BU? I decided in college that I wanted to pursue medicine as a career as a way to bring together my love of science and desire to help people in life-altering ways.  While in college I had the chance to get […]

Spotlight on PhD Student: Kathleen Goodmon

Kathleen Goodmon PhD Candidate, Molecular & Translational Medicine What brought you to BU? I applied to BU because of its unique location in the biomedical hub of Boston. My research background as an undergraduate was rooted in the clinic and my goal as a Ph.D. student was to have my lab bench be as close […]