Ruth and Martin Levine Scholarship

The Ruth and Martin Levine Scholarship in Graduate Medical Sciences is made possible by the generous donation of Ruth R. Levine, PhD. Dr. Levine was the first Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Sciences and a faculty member at BUSM for many years. Given her own life experiences her wish was to allocate “income to provide annual scholarship awards to one or more graduate students enrolled in Graduate Medical Sciences, who have demonstrated excellent scholarship.

Letters of nomination are solicited from program directors for Master’s candidates. The award recipients will be selected by the GMS Awards Committee. The sum of the award will be based on available funding and the number of awards granted.


  • Nominees must show academic excellence and promise in their chosen fields.
  • The award can be given to anyone, however a preference shall be given to at least one female of thirty years of age (or older) who is returning to academia after an extended absence.
  • The scholarship is a one-time award that can be used to cover tuition costs and living expenses.
  • The award is distributed over multiple semesters (excluding summer sessions).
  • The award may impact other financial aid eligibility. It cannot be combined with other GMS scholarships unless approved by the Associate Provost.
  • Recipients must continue to maintain satisfactory academic progress, as dictated by the GMS Policies and Procedures and the specific program in which the recipient is enrolled. Failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress will result in withdrawal of the remaining scholarship.

Award process:

  • The scholarship is meant to be used as a recruitment tool to attract outstanding candidates to our Master’s programs.
  • The GMS Awards Committee will announce the first round of nominations to be received in late February-March.
  • The chair of the GMS Awards Committee, Dr. Barbara Schreiber, will send an email to program directors informing them of the nominees selected for the award and the sum of the award.
  • If all available funding is not awarded in the first round of nominations, the GMS Awards Committee will convene a second round of nominations for consideration.

Program Directors’ responsibilities:

  • The program director must determine the award distribution and notify Katelyn Carroll ( in GMS.
  • The program director must notify the recipient of award distribution and satisfactory academic process requirements.