Launch of SAFE (Safety Awareness For Everyone)

To: Boston University Faculty & Staff
From: Kelly Nee, Chief Safety, Security & Preparedness Officer
Date: August 24, 2023
Subject: Launch of SAFE (Safety Awareness For Everyone)

I am pleased to announce the launch of SAFE (Safety Awareness For Everyone).  SAFE is an on-demand informational video and training to inform the BU community about the comprehensive support provided by the Boston University Police Department (BUPD) in the event of an active threat. It also aims to empower the community with tips and resources to keep themselves and each other prepared and as safe as possible.  These videos are intended to augment our already extensive planning and training around active threats.  They describe our public safety response and the way we will quickly provide communication to our community.

SAFE has been developed by a project team of representatives from Safety, Security & Preparedness, Organizational Development & Learning, Compliance, and Information Services & Technology.  Additionally, subject matter experts from Student Health Services were engaged to provide relevant content.

The project team worked carefully to balance this topic’s sensitive nature with the necessity to provide objective and precise information related to safety and preparedness during active threat situations. While such events are statistically rare, their potential impact is significant.  Our primary objective is to empower you with the knowledge to be prepared and to provide actionable steps to take during such events while considering self-care and mental health aspects.

SAFE is a series of videos in which members of the BUPD, Emergency Management, and Behavioral Medicine provide vital information and resources to utilize before, during, and after an active threat event.

SAFE has two components, one public facing for prospective students, families and the public, and the second is more interactive, providing members of our community with more in-depth information.

1.      A 10–13-minute informational video for public display.

2.      A 30–40-minute Asynchronous Training for students, faculty and staff.

We place emphasis on recognizing concerning behavior rather than an individual’s physical appearance. Our intention is to empower you not only to safeguard yourselves but also to aid each other’s safety. We seek to provide insights into what you can anticipate from our police department and other support agencies.  The strength of our community, our shared sense of belonging, and our dedication to each other’s well-being and security — these are the things that keep us all safe.