Letters to COVID-19 Patients

In the face of this pandemic, something that is particularly distressing is the state of social isolation that affected patients are in. With hospitals restricting visitors, patients are unable to see family and friends for the support they need to get through this difficult time.  Following a trend in one of the city hospitals in Madrid BMC has started an initiative for people at home to write letters of support for patients in isolation.

We ask that you write a letter of support for a patient with COVID-19 at BMC, which will then be distributed by Dr. Sanchez and colleagues in the hospital to patients in need of support at this time.

Please email letters to: bmcagainstcovid@gmail.com

In the letter include:
1. your first name and age
2. a small description of who you are
3. a message of support

Questions: Reach out to Socially Responsible Surgery <sociallyresponsiblesurgery@gmail.com

Thank you!