180.11 Dermatology

Elective Director: Rhoda Alani, MD

Instructors: Dermatology Faculty

Email: dermtrng@bu.edu

Telephone: 617-358-9700

Description of Elective:

The elective is designed to give interested students an in-depth exposure to laboratory and clinical research. Ongoing work includes studies of stem cells, cellular growth control, epigenetics, mechanisms of cellular aging, controls of melanogenesis and cell-cell interaction in the skin. Most studies involve use of human skin-derived cells and molecular biology techniques. Prior laboratory experience is desirable for basic science research.  The elective is not limited to basic science. It could be focused on patient-based clinical research or psychosocial projects.  This elective is available for either 8 or 12 weeks blocks.

Students interested in registering for this elective should first identify an area of research interest and a faculty member to directly discuss research opportunities.  The following faculty members currently have research opportunities for medical students.  Please click on the links below for more in-depth information on each faculty members research interests and contact information.

Research Faculty:

Principal Investigator Research Interest(s) Contact Info
Rhoda Alani, MD Basic and translational studies in melanoma aimed at improving the diagnosis and treatment of this disease with a particular focus on epigenetic pathways associated with disease progression alani@bu.edu
Jag Bhawan, MD Dermatopathology, disorder of pigmentation, photoaging bhawan@bu.edu
Lynne Goldberg, MD Alopecia, dermatopathology lynngold@bu.edu
Vyacheslav Labunskky, PhD Yeast physiology and longevity models vlabuns@bu.edu
Christina Lam, MD Rheumatology- and dermatology-linked disease processes cslam@bu.edu
Allison Larson, MD Projects and papers related to Medical Education arlarson@bu.edu
Margaret Lee, MD, PhD Students are welcome to meet with Dr. Lee, particularly if they have an interest in pediatrics and/or pediatric dermatology, to explore research projects and/or clinical experiences in the major categories:

  • The psychosocial impact of pediatric skin conditions (including birthmarks, bullying)
  • Patient- and family-oriented collaborative care and outcomes studies e.g. for atopic dermatitis

There are also opportunities to become involved in patient support and nonprofit programs (e.g. Camp Discovery, Comfortable in Our Skin) or to develop your own medical student outreach projects with Dr. Lee under the auspices of the BUSM Creative Arts Society.

Tania Phillips, MD Wound healing, the effect of wound dressings, bioengineered skin therapy tphill@bu.edu
Debjani Sahni, MD Clinical research related to aspects of cutaneous oncology: malignant melanoma, cutaneous lymphoma, non-melanoma skin cancer.The research format encompasses epidemiological studies and clinicopathological studies. dsahni@bu.edu
Andrey Sharov, MD, PhD Epigenetics and cell growth drsharov@bu.edu
Neelam Vashi, MD Ethnic skin and cosmetic dermatology nvashi@bu.edu