Laboratory of Dr. Samuel Beck

As the volume of biological data increases at an exponential rate, the importance of its systematic analysis and interpretation grows. The fusion of computational and experimental biology holds immense potential, yet bridging this divide is often hindered by communication barriers intrinsic to these distinct disciplines. As biologists whose expertise spans both domains, our primary career goal is to explore critical biological questions by integrating Big Data analytics with experimental validation. Our research has been focused on understanding mammalian gene regulatory mechanisms at the transcription level. Through a detailed and integrative approach to Big Data analysis, we have unveiled how CpG islands (CGIs) influence gene regulation, impacting 3-D chromatin structures and transcriptional/epigenetic regulations. This insight is pivotal in understanding how changes in chromatin architecture are linked to age-related physiological decline. Leveraging big data analytics in a supercomputing environment, we are also focused on developing advanced therapeutic strategies to combat human diseases, with a special emphasis on age-related conditions.

Selected Publications

  • Lee JY, Davis I, Youth EHH, Kim J, Churchill G, Godwin J, Korstanje R, Beck S (2021). Misexpression of genes lacking CpG islands drives degenerative changes during aging. Sci Adv. 7(51):eabj9111.
  • Lee JY, Song J, LeBlanc L, Davis I, Kim J, Beck S (2021). Conserved dual-mode gene regulation programs in higher eukaryotes. Nucleic Acids Res. 49(5):2583-2597.
  • Beck S, Rhee C, Song J, Lee BK, LeBlanc L, Cannon L, Kim J† (2018) Implications of CpG islands on chromosomal architectures and modes of global gene regulation. Nucleic Acids Res. 46(9):4382-4391.
  • Beck S, Lee BK, Rhee C, Song J, Woo AJ, Kim J (2015) CpG island-mediated global gene regulatory modes in mouse embryonic stem cells. Nat Commun. 15(5): 5490.