Melanoma Biology and Cutaneous Oncology

Laboratory of Dr. Rhoda Alani & Dr. Marianne Collard

The Alani Laboratory is focused on understanding the molecular basis of melanoma development and progression. The aim of our lab is to translate basic research findings to better prevention, detection and treatment of melanoma and to directly enhance the lives of patients currently diagnosed with melanoma.

Laboratory of Dr. Deborah Lang

The Lang Laboratory aims to discover innovative and effective treatments for melanoma by targeting innate pathways that occur during normal melanocyte development and stem cell maintenance.  We find that the normal molecular processes that regulate cellular differentiation, homeostasis, growth, and migration of adult and embryonic melanocytes are corrupted during melanoma tumorigenesis, progression, and metastasis.  The discovery of these molecular pathways and knowledge on how they function will reveal new targets for future melanoma therapies.

Laboratory of Dr. Daniel Dempsey