Specialized Care Clinics


Director: Jag Bhawan, MD 

Associate Director: Candice Brem, MD

The Skin Pathology Laboratory at Boston Medical Center has provided superior diagnostic services since 1986. Our board-certified dermatopathologists, Drs. Jag Bhawan, Candice Brem and Lynne Goldberg, are committed to providing personalized, detail oriented and quality care for your patients.

Contact us: 617.358.9740 or contact@skinpathlab.com



Director: Christina Lam, MD

Call for an appointment: 617.638.7420


Pediatric Dermatology Behavioral Health Multidisciplinary Clinic

Directors: Lisa Shen, MD, Margaret Lee, MD PhD, Laura Goldstein, PsyD

The Coping Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic comprised of pediatric dermatologists (Drs. Shen and Lee) and a child psychologist (Dr. Goldstein).  This is a referral-based clinic in which we care for patients with chronic skin conditions that affect their psychosocial well-being.  This clinic is located within the dermatology clinic at Boston Medical Center.  We pride ourselves in taking a holistic approach to patient care as most of the conditions we treat are not just “skin-deep” and can have profound impact on the mental health of children and teens.

Contact: Patients/families interested in the behavioral health clinic should first be evaluated by Dr. Shen or Dr. Lee in pediatric dermatology.  To schedule an appointment, please call: 617.638.7420


Mohs Surgery

Director: Patricia Richey, MD, FAAD

Mohs surgery removes less healthy tissue than excisional skin surgery. The Mohs surgeon cleans and numbs the area of skin to be operated on. Then he or she removes the visible portion of the tumor and a very small margin of healthy skin. The Mohs surgeon examines the tissue under a microscope for cancer cells. If part of the tumor is still present, the Mohs surgeon carefully maps out the area where the tumor remains and only removes additional skin in the area where the margin shows the tumor. The process is repeated until the tumor is completely removed. This type of surgery is typically reserved for melanomas on the face where it is beneficial to conserve as much healthy skin as possible during surgery.

Call for an appointment: 617.638.7420



Director: Neelam Vashi, MD

The Boston University Cosmetic & Laser Center is serious about beauty. The Center’s distinguished physicians are industry-leading, board-certified dermatologists with advanced training in the most sophisticated and specialized aesthetic and dermatological procedures. This gives patients instant access to the latest treatments and technologies to help ensure beautiful results.

For an appointment: 617.414.2676 or cosmetic.clinic@bmc.org


Wound Healing

Director: Tania Phillips, MD

We specialize in treating acute and chronic wounds that are difficult to heal.We diagnose and treat a variety of wounds, including those from underlying dermatologic conditions. We tailor therapy based on individual patient needs and liaise closely with our colleagues in vascular surgery, podiatry, plastic surgery and the Visiting Nurse Association to offer optimal care. We offer treatment with advanced therapies such as biologic skin substitutes to facilitate healing.

Call for an appointment: 617.638.7420


Hair Loss and Diseases of the Scalp

Director: Maya Farah, M.D.

The Hair Clinic at Boston Medical Center is the longest established specialty clinic dedicated to patients with hair loss in the Boston area. We recognize that hair is important! With expertise in both clinical dermatology and dermatopathology, Dr. Maya Farah has both the skills to ensure an accurate diagnosis as well as the experience and compassion to provide individualized treatment plans and counseling.

Call for an appointment: 617.638.7131


Cutaneous Oncology

Director: Debjani Sahni, MD and Michael Kwa, MD

Our team of experts encompass all aspects of cutaneous oncology: Melanoma and Complex Pigmented Lesions; Cutaneous Lymphoma; High Risk Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer. The services provided are readily accessible to patients with new referrals expedited to clinic within 2 weeks. At Boston Medical Center we pride ourselves in providing our skin cancer patients with rapid access, coordinated care in our state-of-the-art clinical facilities Shapiro Ambulatory Care Center and Moakley Cancer Care Center. Our multidisciplinary team of physicians includes cutaneous oncology specialists from dermatology, dermatopathology, surgical oncology, medical oncology and radiation oncology. This multispecialty approach ultimately leads to highly coordinated, patient centered, individualized treatment plans that ensure the highest quality clinical care.

Any skin cancer or related issue requiring an urgent appointment, please have your referring provider call: 617.638.7131


Women’s Dermatology/Gyn-Dermatology

Director: Maya Farah, M.D. and Elizabeth Stier, MD

The Gynecologic Dermatology Clinic at Boston Medical Center is a multi-disciplinary clinic where patients see a dermatologist and gynecologist simultaneously. Our patient population is made up primarily of individuals with inflammatory disorders of the vulva such as lichen sclerosis and lichen planus, however we welcome patients with any vulvar disorder.

For an appointment: Patients should call the Dermatology Clinic at Boston Medical Center 617.638.7420 and ask specifically for Gynecologic Dermatology